Responsibilities and Consequences

We are all taught from childhood about the responsibilities and the consequences. The Do’s and the Don’ts. How to walk, how to eat, how to dress up, how to speak, how to be polite. But what no one taught us is how to be practical, how to seduce, how to be cunning, how to be smart, how to navigate the problems we are facing every day in our lives.

So obviously, we are in trail and error method from the beginning of our lives to the day we die. I cannot pinpoint anyone who doesn’t have a trail and error method in their lives which begs the question, who design all these?

Why there is discrepancy between the genders? Why the house hold chores or taking care of the house or buying groceries or typically most of the things were/are given only to a particular gender? Why when questions are asked about this or any opinions are voiced, it is silenced? Why even in 21st century, there is timetable and a curfew and the do’s and the don’ts when in reality the times have changed?

We are taught to sit still and look pretty. Mustn’t laugh out loud, talk out loud, wear tight attires. Shouldn’t let our hair down. No walk in the park or live in the wild. So when the opportunity arises, we let our inner child out. We play, party, dress up, put make up (90% to unleash the craziness inside), go on for a ride and let our hair down. We make mistakes and we learn from these mistakes and we make more mistakes and we are still learning from the mistakes we made in the past.

I always wondered why we have to live in a box? Why can’t we follow our heart and passion? Why aren’t we allowed to make mistakes? Why shouldn’t we let our hair down? When the situation suits, we are labeled as “Grown ups” but for most our lives we are still treated like a “Child”. There isn’t much difference I am finding between school and college and work and marriage.

Study well, Groom well, Get A++, Be an all rounder – (School and college).

Work hard, Keep your head down and you may or may not receive the reward but you have to work hard disregarding the outcome – (Work and Marriage)

There is also a timeline for us – When to get married, when to give birth , when to become an aunt, when to become a grandmother.

God forbid those who misses this deadline. Why do we need this timeline? Growing up, I have always been baffled by how certain things are put into motion and how we have to obey those or else face the consequences either by verbally or physically. How emotional blackmails came into picture and how the great dance of manipulation and cornering began.

Is it too much to ask for freedom? Is it too much to ask to live our lives in the way we want/we desire? Why only follow certain career when your heart is not set on those? Why the stares and the bitching and the envy on those who are living the life they want and genuinely happy? Why must we follow the same path when there are multiple paths open for us? Why must we insult or back talk someone when they don’t fit in the image?

Why are we not being happy with what we have? Why must we follow others and reach the same stage they are? Why shouldn’t we think different, act different and be different? Why there are rules in place when we are living in 21st century and why there is box still and why there is an image we fit into? Who design all these?

P.S : Stopping my writing here for now. I urge you guys to read and re read and let me know what you think of my questions and my opinion. Kindly try to be positive and don’t use any vulgar words 😉


4 thoughts on “Responsibilities and Consequences

  1. This is just awesome… the lines written are something which I truly believe but couldn’t express in words..the questions asked are the questions every woman feels but are hesitant to ask…..these words written by you completely captured the inner emotions of every woman….this is a masterpiece… truly a masterpiece…loved it❤️❤️❤️❤️

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