Perfect Imperfections

This is hitting too close to home but I have to write about it so that the other beautiful and wonderful souls out there can relate to it and be proud of their body and their scars and proudly lift their heads and walk tall.

God created us, all of us with what constitute of a zillion designs. We may share same blood type or eye color or shape or size but every single one of us is unique and mysterious in their own way. No one can/should put a label for specific body type or shape or color.

So what, if most of us are chubby and fluffy but others are skinny or athletic or lean? So what, if most of us are black or brown and others are white or wheatish or pink? So what, if half are short and klutzy and rest are tall and graceful? It shouldn’t matter in any way or form.

So what, if few are traditional and few are modern and few are hybrid of both? So what, if half are fluent in English and half are not? So what, if half are into glitters and parties and half are into books and tv? So what, if half are extrovert and half are introvert?

Why must we label them? For what joy? Why there is always funny jokes about people who doesn’t meet whatever considered standards as per society? Since when it is ok to compliment a person based on their physical appearance and not on their intellectual beauty?

Shouldn’t it matter what their IQ is, how smart they are, how they make any place come alive, how they make others smile?

Shouldn’t it matter how they lift others up, how they are loyal and compassionate?

Shouldn’t it matter that many of us are not being true to ourselves and just putting a fake appearance for the sake of society?

Shouldn’t it matter that what we say hurt others so much that it is stealing their happiness and their sleep and slowly sipping their souls?

Shouldn’t it matter that what we do and how we do affect others mentally that it takes years and years for them to come out of the situation and starts believing that they are indeed beautiful and don’t need anyone’s praise?

Since when, we started bowing to unrealistic beauty standards? Since when, we started telling others to wear this dress and wear this makeup and be timid and don’t open your mouth or don’t show your expression in face else you may not find your life partner?

Since when it is considered a crime to put on weight and eat whatever you desire because it will not yield you a life partner or promotion or not being included to a particular group? Are you freaking kidding me?

Beauty fades in time. This is a fact. Why are we giving utmost importance to something which is going to fade soon? Since when it is ok to make joke about body types/shapes/color and get away with it? Why are we not educating ourselves with what is healthy and what is unhealthy?

So, it is ok to go on whatever diets are out there which makes you look like cousin of Olive Oyl and not in a good way, but it is considered crime to be on proper diet as per your body type? Why there is this unrealistic expectation that women who are searching for partners should be white and lean and thin and should know cooking, cleaning, singing, dancing or whatever other extra curricular activities required by the groom and his family? I ask again are you searching for life partner who will share life with you or searching for a breed mare?

Same goes for women too, should be tall and athletic and good looking and earn zillions and spend money and shower with gifts whenever required. I feel very bad and sad about these expectations that many of us are missing out good souls out there who will give the whole world to us on a gold platter and hung the moon for us.

Everyone is unique and charming and mysterious and beautiful and handsome. There shouldn’t be even any jokes or phrase or even a single word about body type or shape or color or anything else which will hurt others and steal their confidence. We should be more aware of others feelings and what they are going through.

Since when, it is ok to crush others and move forward and not give a hand when in need? Since when, it is ok to laugh about others and not feel guilty about it and keep on doing it regardless of others emotions? It’s high time for every single one of us to start paying attention and start new relationships and ask forgiveness and mend the fences.

It’s high time that we start complimenting others on their intellectuals and stop comparing us to whatever images they show in TV or magazine or any social media.

Its’ high time to start measuring our words and give filters wherever required and treat others they way we want to be treated. It’s high time to stop paying attention to unrealistic beauty standards and pay attention to what your body is telling you. There is nothing a proper exercise and diet plan can’t fix, and there is absolutely nothing wrong in being weird and unique in your own way.



P.S Same as per my previous post, do read and provide your valuable feedbacks. Stay safe and take care everyone 😉


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