I have always felt there is one thing we fail to express more, Gratitude.

Doesn’t matter what position we hold, what situation we are in, most of us fail to express this emotion to the person who deserves it and regret it later when that person is no more with us.

It made me think what is making us hesitate to express gratitude. Why are we not expressing this whenever it is required? Why are we hiding behind a mask, our ego?

Why are we torn between expressing gratitude and placating others in our group? when in reality, there are plenty of strangers who have helped us without expecting anything in return. I am sure many of us have faced situations where a stranger helped us rather than our own circle.

So, what is making us taking a step back from saying thank you and meaning it? Since when we started taking every single help for granted?

A single smile, a genuine compliment will change a person’s entire mood. It gives immense pleasure to plenty of people. In a world, where everything is becoming a road show, where even a small request needs lump sum, be very grateful and thankful for people who doesn’t hesitate to step in when in need and not ask anything in return.

When we take certain things for granted, we became a snob and we don’t want that at all,do we?

It’s been more than a year. This pandemic made most of us realize, what is really worth. What should we value most. The things we took for granted, the words we uttered, the way we ended certain relationships, the way we spent most of our and our parents hard earned money.

It hits deep, when you are sick and no one is there to take care of you.

It hits deep, when you are short of cash and no one is there to lend you some.

It hits deep, when you have to confess something but no one is there to listen.

It hits deep, when you are promoted but no one is there to celebrate with.

It hits deep, when you want to travel and no one is there to accompany you.

It hits deep, when you want some shoulders to lean on but find none.

It hits deep, when you come to an empty apartment or a house filled with silence.

It hits deep, when you desperately wants to talk but the other person is not there anymore.

So, why are we waiting to mend the fences? Why are we not saying thank you enough? Why are we still hesitating to help others when in need? Why is there a wall built around the heart of most of us? Why the cold feet when someone is asking for assistance?

Most of us are aware of the world we are living in, what is extremely lacking, what needs to be done, yet we are the same as we started years ago.

Nothing changed, we are still chasing emptiness, we are still chasing pain, we are still chasing money, we are still chasing outward appearance, we are still chasing our childhood dreams.

I wonder when did we stopped being heroes and became snobs.

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward Beecher.


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