Oh, no love

No love, you cannot reamin un married for a longer period of time.

No love, you cannot be seen with a married man, for gossip spreads faster than a wildfire.

No love, you cannot be without a baby after marriage. Must move heaven and earth to reproduce.

No love, you cannot venture out on your own and shame your family.

No love, you cannot be this strong and brave with a broken marriage.

No love, you cannot have an opinion ever against the elders.

No love, you must abide by the elders rules else you will be cast off.

No love, you cannot encourage others to follow their own path.

No love, you cannot ask others to join your clause, it’s against our nature.

No love, you cannot be a voice for those who should remain silent and bear the struggles.

No love, you cannot ask the society to intervene, when your partner is abusive. Instead you should love and respect him.

No love, you cannot spread your wings and fly away.

No love, you must not have a difference of opinion, when for generations after generations we are following the same opinions.

No love, you should abide by the rules and regulations for it will be a shame for your family if you are different.

No love, you shouldn’t be a lion when surrounded by flock. You must disguise yourself as a sheep.

No love, you shouldn’t leave the kitchen to a cook.

No love, you must do the chores even if you dislike it.

No love, you must support your family physically, financially and mentally as well.

No love, you cannot ever have freedom and escape the world we are in.

No love, you must endure the pain and disrespect as we do. Going against is forbidden.

No love, we accept debauchery,rape,abuse but we never accept freedom, having a voice,making path for a better future.

No love, let’s keep it hush hush and show others how a perfect life should be.

No love, you will be a burden to your parents if you remain single. Get married at the earliest and make us proud.

Oh love, never mind the character, just focus on the money.

Oh no love, don’t make us say “I told you so” when you fail.

Oh no love, never ever ever give a clear idea for we will never accept anything from a child.

Oh no love, you must’ve been drugged for uttering such nonsense against the lifestyle of elders.

Oh no love, it doesn’t matter what you saw, they are the hierarchy and will not stoop low.

Oh hush love, it’s alright if you have been slapped and beaten by them. We have a standing in our society and that is the only thing vital for us.

Nivi Joshi


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