Darling, don’t get fooled by her appearance, peer deep inside.

Darling, don’t trust her blindly, unwrap the layers first.

Darling, don’t compliment her on beauty, she prefers to be complemented for her brain.

Darling, don’t succumb to her love in haste, she will throw you out without a second glance.

Darling, don’t ever dictate her life, she will be a force to be reckoned with.

Darling, don’t shower her with gifts, she likes your time ,love and not the presents.

Darling, don’t get fooled by the laughter, she hides her pain well.

Darling, don’t jump into conclusions when it concerns her ever.

Darling, never ever assume a thing about her, for she prefers you to ask her first.

Darling, don’t put her in cage, she will destroy both the cage and you.

Darling, don’t spread rumors about her, she will unleash the hell on you.

Darling, don’t provoke her unnecessarily, she will not be meek.

Darling, don’t even think about harming her, she will end you first.

Darling, don’t ever backstab her, for she may forgive but never forgets a face.

Darling, don’t ever make her jealous, even your guardian angel will not be able to save you.

Darling, nurture her, pay attention to her, she will reciprocate that.

Darling, don’t shy away from your demons, she will sing to them and make them rest.

Darling, don’t ignore her and fight for her attention, for she will never bow to a timid man.

Oh darling, when you get a woman like HER, ensure she is not slipping through your fingers.

Oh darling, when you live with a woman like HER, ensure you are treasuring her more than she treasure you.

Oh darling, when you marry a woman like HER, ensure her freedom for she will never ever destroy yours.




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