For some, it is all about Hot Cocoa, about Roasted Marshmallows, about logs, about Warmth, about Snowball fights, about fleece, about Christmas, about snuggles, about cuddles, about stolen kisses, about steamy shower, about mind blowing sex.

For some, it is all about finding shelter, finding food, coping with dizziness, willing to survive, willing to share, looking over their shoulder, utter desperation, about longing, about prayer, about blessings, about storage, about savings.

For some it is all about dreams of snowflakes, dreams of northern lights, dreams of reindeers, dreams of skiing, dreams of thick soup, dreams of grains, dreams of throw pillows, dreams of cozy home, dreams of hill, dreams of puppy love.

For some it is all about trying to forget the past, the sins, the failures, the crimes, the crush, the anger, the heartbreak, the love, the truth, the nightmare, the memory, the fights, the gifts, the name calling, the unpleasant thoughts.

For some, it is all about HOPE. Hoping for a miracle, for a job, for their person, for successful adoption, for the lucky bracelet, for the tiny house overlooking the ocean, for the first glimpse of sunshine, for the earthly pearls, for the pudding, for the mighty push.

And you ask why I love winter and why I wait for winter and why I cry when it is over.




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