With a baby it is a messy one

With a toddler it is a merry one

With a young one it is tender

With a preteen it is heart blooming

With a teen it is a beacon of hope

With an adult it opens doors

With your partner it makes your body tingle

With an older one it is a blessing

With an eldest it is a goodbye

With the right one, it provides you with endless options to explore

With the wrong one, it destroys you

With aptly done, it makes you wanting

With French one, it makes you longing

It has many forms – Butterfly, on the horizon, exploring caves, deep dive, lift your spirits, goosebumps loaded, funny, sloppy, puppy kiss, heart melting kiss, soul drinking kiss, drenching kiss.

I wonder, how a simple act has many flavors yet some fixated on one but many tries on each and every form.

I wonder, how a simple kiss can lift you up than thousand words.

I wonder, how a deep one makes you forget your name than anesthesia.

I wonder, how you remember that one kiss even when you hit 80

I wonder, how you never forget your first one.

I wonder, how inconsiderate of them to stole your first kiss.

I wonder, is it different under mistletoe or is it different under sea of stars.

I wonder, does it evolve with one’s mood or make them better with one.

I wonder, when I look back, which one I will remember fondly.




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