Selene (Fiction)

Those who know me, my fascination with moon is not new. For those who don’t, this is for you.

I was lying in a puddle,
Shivering slightly,
Dark clouds as my sole company.

I heard the rustling of leaves,
the soft purring of bobcats,
their padded paws on earth.

I smelled their putrid breath,
I could read their intention as clear as a book.
Closing my eyes, I waited for my inevitable death.

Something growled nearby,
A cold snout touched my cheek,
Sloppy kisses bested upon me.

I snapped my eyes open, the dark clouds parted.
A majestic wolf stood next to my head.
Eyes the color of glacial lake and fur the color of snow.

I must be dreaming or
I must be dying or
I must be hallucinating.

For, I heard a voice in my head,
urging me to lie still,
to not make any sudden motions.

The Wolf was furious,
I could feel the intensity,
the desire to protect and to kill the intruders.

But she was alone and outnumbered,
she stood tall, like a warrior facing an upcoming battle.
for the life of me, I could not remember where she sprung from.

She looked at me and howled a hunting song,
a dozen howls answered her.
I could literally feel the running paws and the urgency behind those.

Time was not our friend today,
I can all but feel the hunger in their eyes,
the purring become louder.

Lightening flashed,
A sharp pain at my hip,
I looked down and my blood was flowing freely.

I looked up, the wolf, the bobcats vanished,
the entire field vanished.

Something shrilled,
Someone Knocked,
Someone screamed.

I woke up.



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