What is Love?

When I dragged my tired body back to the loft, not knowing how I survived today, you were there holding the door for me. I tried not to be filled with giddiness but the sight of you my love, lifted my spirits up.

I am aware I am not easy to love. I have hidden compartments, my mood swings makes the devil heave a sigh, my temper matches the volcanoes, but somehow you wiggled your way to my heart.

You understood me perfectly, you loved me despite of my shortcomings and flaws. I am not the prettiest, not the brightest but it doesn't matter to you because you told me love is not about being perfect, it is about being imperfect together.

You taught me how to be patient, how to be cheerful irrespective of my mood, how to mingle when I don't even have the energy to change for a party. 

You taught me how vital everyday is, how essential we are to each other, how it makes your heart swell up with joy when we go out together as a couple.

You made me realize how precious each second is, how in one sweep it all goes away as if nothing happened.

You made me understand the nature of love. It is not always about glamor or money or any other material things.

It is about how even we are angry at each other, we ensure the other person is comfortable, how to table it when we argue and your number one rule, never go to bed with a feeling that you are unwanted.

You made sure whenever we fight or had an argument, I never went to bed in tears or in anger. You will give up the fight so that I can sleep in peace and not toss all night with imaginary fights or thinking you will walk away from me.

You made me a better person, you taught many invaluable lessons but the one important thing you never taught me is how to live alone without you.

Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours.



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