I know most of us are excited for holidays all year around. 
But some are not, due to various reasons.
It could be because of no immediate family around,
or because of childhood trauma.

It could be because they are tired of celebrating it alone
or the person they celebrated with is no longer alive.

It could be because that particular holiday brings back unpleasant memories and they want to avoid walking down that lane again.

It could be because someone betrayed them on particular holiday
and even though they try to celebrate it, somewhere deep inside it resurface.

It could be because no one taught them what to do or how to do it
and they are shy to ask others how to celebrate.

It could be because they have different kind of celebration in mind
which are most likely frowned upon by others.

Either way, we need to have boundaries and try not to push or pull
the people who doesn't want to celebrate unless you know 100%
they just needed a little nudge for the happy smile to break out.

Trust your gut feeling, trust your intuitions, trust those people rather than blindly forcing them to celebrate with you.

Be a little human, won't you?


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