A few ways to identify a narcissist in my opinion.

They believe that your sole purpose is to be at their beck and call.

They believe that the entire universe revolves around them.

They believe that what they say is the ultimate truth.

They excel at being a Drama King or Queen.

They believe that the purpose of their life is to manipulate others.

They are willing to go to great length to change the story.

They excel at portraying as a VICTIM even though they are not a victim.

They believe blindly that whatever they did is not causing you any pain.

They will turn the card and say you are the reason for any drastic situation.

They are arrogant enough to turn their nose on people who bled daily for a cause.

They don't understand the meaning of boundaries and will be volatile when their needs are not met.

Narcissist - A form of cowardice in my opinion.


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