Choose your inner circle with care and caution.

It is vital to choose inner circle because you will spend most of your time and energy with them.

There should not be any gossip or shame when unveiling your past.

They should be the backbone.

They should be your worst critics and best cheer leaders.

They should be your knight in shining armors.

They should be a soothing balm to your wounded soul.

They should act as a barrier between you and those who stand against you.

They should be your go to people in need.

They should be your mirror.

They should be both, lenient and strict.

They should understand your silence and anger better than others.

There should be absolute trust and absolute transparency.

There shouldn't be any backstabbing or any other forms of betrayal.

It's give and take and not only just taken for granted.

So, remember when choosing your inner circle, their auras and strength matter darling.

Be careful and cautious. 


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