You believe I am invincible but I am not my love.

I had breakdowns.

I withdrew from others often.

I cried myself to sleep more than enough times.

I burned in jealousy with complete mask.

I keep to myself most of the time.

I suffer endlessly without bothering others.

I had my guilt trips.

Sometimes, I bow down to my rage.

I faced major shock.

I endured gloomy days.

I endured emotional abuse.

I cried out of frustration.

At times, I had to choke down harmful words.

I freak out often.

I had my share of nightmares.

I looked back at the doom.

I almost touched my reaper.

I had days where nothing mattered.

I had nights where thoughts swirled around and around.

You may think or believe I am Invincible but my love, I am not Invincible.



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