Yes we are daughters, not only just for you to marry us off but to take care of you in present as well as in future. Yes we are daughters, not only just for you to showcase us like a bounty but to make you proud by winning awards and honors. Yes we are daughters, … Continue reading WE


You believe I am invincible but I am not my love. I had breakdowns. I withdrew from others often. I cried myself to sleep more than enough times. I burned in jealousy with complete mask. I keep to myself most of the time. I suffer endlessly without bothering others. I had my guilt trips. Sometimes, … Continue reading Invincible


A few examples of Prejudice Accusing someone without having concrete proof just because of their color. Accusing someone without any evidence just because they are not in your group. Protecting someone who committed a crime because of the religion they belong to. Protecting a villain just because of the money they have in their bank … Continue reading PREJUDICE