When the boogeyman comes, hush my child. When the elders talk, hush my child. When someone gives their unwanted opinion, hush my child. When temper flares, hush my child. When you face abuse, hush my child. When you hear screams, hush my child. When they hang innocents, hush my child. When the secret is out, … Continue reading HUSH

Sleepless Nights

Is it the dark? Is it the shadows dancing on the walls? Is it loneliness? Is it the words uttered? Is it the words unsaid? Is it your ex? Is it your pain? Is it your conscience? Is it your honor? Is it your power? Is it your sins? Is it the cries? Is it … Continue reading Sleepless Nights


Who are you to judge me?You with your black heart And trust fund.You with your prejudice And worst mind.You with your backstabbing gangAnd fake finds.You with your stick up the assAnd pay no mon.You with paths never travelledAnd dirt grinds.You with wounded wordsAnd swollen lips.You with your fake tanAnd sudden pangs.You with your hunger painsAnd … Continue reading Judgement