What is Love?

When I dragged my tired body back to the loft, not knowing how I survived today, you were there holding the door for me. I tried not to be filled with giddiness but the sight of you my love, lifted my spirits up. I am aware I am not easy to love. I have hidden … Continue reading What is Love?



When I say I am Obsessed, do not take it lightly. I am obsessed with your hair, with your jawline, with your silver irises. I am obsessed with your smile, your smirks, your sly looks. I am obsessed with your aftershave, your cologne, your earthly scent. I am obsessed with your walk, your talk, even … Continue reading Obsession


Darling, don't get fooled by her appearance, peer deep inside. Darling, don't trust her blindly, unwrap the layers first. Darling, don't compliment her on beauty, she prefers to be complemented for her brain. Darling, don't succumb to her love in haste, she will throw you out without a second glance. Darling, don't ever dictate her … Continue reading Her

Twin Flames

Entwined in each other's arms, watching the waves playing with the wind, pretending our world is strong and nowhere near broken. Entwined in each other's arms, building a sand castle, pretending our home is solid and no cracks formed. Entwined in each other's arms, gazing at the stars, whistling a melody, pretending that our souls … Continue reading Twin Flames

Mental & Spiritual Health

Hello to my lovely readers and fellow amazing bloggers 🙂 Hope you guys are staying safe and taking care of yourself in all the ways that matters. Physical health is not the only one you should pay close attention to. You have to take care of your mental health as well as your spiritual health. … Continue reading Mental & Spiritual Health

Borrowed time

Between the moonlight and sunlight,Between the spring and autumn,Between the waves and tides,I am on borrowed time my love. Between the bloom and fall,Between these tapes and maps,Between the roles and poles,I am on borrowed time. Between the black and ebony,Between the rhymes and crimes,Bwtween the dine and wine,I am on borrowed time. Between the … Continue reading Borrowed time