All the tears, All the fears, All the nears. All the kisses, All the misses, All the wishes. All the hugs, All the slugs, All the bugs. All the warmth, All the goth, All the cloth. All the grips, All the rips, All the trips. All the dreams, All the streams, All the screens. All … Continue reading Gone…



Who are you to judge me?You with your black heart And trust fund.You with your prejudice And worst mind.You with your backstabbing gangAnd fake finds.You with your stick up the assAnd pay no mon.You with paths never travelledAnd dirt grinds.You with wounded wordsAnd swollen lips.You with your fake tanAnd sudden pangs.You with your hunger painsAnd … Continue reading Judgement

Mental & Spiritual Health

Hello to my lovely readers and fellow amazing bloggers 🙂 Hope you guys are staying safe and taking care of yourself in all the ways that matters. Physical health is not the only one you should pay close attention to. You have to take care of your mental health as well as your spiritual health. … Continue reading Mental & Spiritual Health