Selene (Fiction)

Those who know me, my fascination with moon is not new. For those who don't, this is for you. I was lying in a puddle,Shivering slightly,Dark clouds as my sole company.I heard the rustling of leaves,the soft purring of bobcats,their padded paws on earth.I smelled their putrid breath,I could read their intention as clear as … Continue reading Selene (Fiction)



For some, it is all about Hot Cocoa, about Roasted Marshmallows, about logs, about Warmth, about Snowball fights, about fleece, about Christmas, about snuggles, about cuddles, about stolen kisses, about steamy shower, about mind blowing sex. For some, it is all about finding shelter, finding food, coping with dizziness, willing to survive, willing to share, … Continue reading Winter