Checking in

Hello my lovely readers and fellow amazing bloggers.

I was unwell so couldn’t post like before. Not yet fully recovered from flu. Getting there. It’s crazy here and I am sure everywhere too.

Home remedies also plays a vital part along with prescribed medicines. Doesn’t matter whether you stay at home all day, you can still catch flu and other diseases.

Take vitamins,iron supplements without fail. Protein intake is must. Include jaggery, limejuice, garlic and green vegetables atleast 4 times a week.

Do not panic if you have fever or cough and cold. Do consult your doctor and take the full course of medicine without fail. Do not be lazy and ignore the doses. If temperature crossed 100, then do a covid test. You will know whether it is covid or normal flu due to weather change.

And I am sure many of us are empathetic towards others who got covid but there are people who unnecessarily panic and create havoc. Don’t be like that. This is the time to show compassion and understanding.

Enough with advise and suggestions.

Be safe, stay safe. Be a human first. Be empathetic. Be courageous and be fierce. Those who are struggling with various concerns, we are here. Prayers are with you.

Untill next post, adieu people.

With loads of love and hugs, nivijoshi🥰


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