Mental & Spiritual Health

Hello to my lovely readers and fellow amazing bloggers 🙂

Hope you guys are staying safe and taking care of yourself in all the ways that matters.

Physical health is not the only one you should pay close attention to. You have to take care of your mental health as well as your spiritual health.

When you take care of all the three, then nothing can break you in this lifetime. So, pay close attention to all three and not just one. We often think we are angry or depressed or sad because of something wrong with our body. You are partially right, however we often missed to check on our mental and spiritual walls.

How they are holding up? Any new moulds formed? Any fracture occurred? Any breakage found?

How are they holding up? Any fungus infested the walls? Any new slits can be found? Any crack appeared?

How are they holding up? Any old wounds reopened? Any bleeders can be found? Any aches can be felt?

How are they holding up? Any fragmentation occurred? Any manifestation can be found? Any signs of infection?

It is crucial to keep an eye on the above two all the time. Because if there is anything wrong with the body, we will get to know immediately, however when there is something wrong with Mental and Spiritual health and we are not aware of it, it will fester and bring harm either to us or to others.

And don’t ever think if your mental health is not good, you have to keep it locked tight inside you. Don’t ever do that. Like how physical wounds take time to heal, your mental wounds needs time too. If you keep it locked, it will fester and fester and fester and then it will break you completely.

Time,love,motivation,encouragement,courage are five important things to get through it. And you can get through it by sheer determination as well. You are a gifted human being. You are an amazing person. You are a pure soul. Don’t let anything or anyone change those parts of you.

We all have ups and downs, we all have lows and tides, we all have storms and rains, we all have hurricanes and thunder, we all have summer and winter, we all have positive and negative. No one is spread by the lessons given by life and by the almighty.

Personally, I feel spiritual health is the one who takes care of the soul and what makes you,YOU.

It is not only about following the masses, it is purely about what you are seeking. What makes you lighten up? What makes you help others? What makes you lend a hand to those in need? What makes you hesitate in doing harm to others? What makes you halt the words before it is spoken out?

What makes you falter when you mingle with the wrong crowd? What makes you think twice before taking an action? What makes you say heck it and do the things you desire? What makes you speak softly? What makes you more patient? What makes you different from others?

What makes you spread the happiness? What makes you fall in love? What makes you choose this speciality?

Everything is decided from the moment you are conceived and till the moment you soul leaves this frame.

So, ensure you are taking care of all three. Never shy away if you have a problem. Find a solution and fix it. Not for others. For a better version of YOU.

Because YOU are worth it. Feel it, appreciate it, get to know it, become it.

Adios Amigo – Until next blog – Yours Nivi – With warm hugs and love.


3 thoughts on “Mental & Spiritual Health

  1. Very well put Nivi.
    So true: we need to take care of all the three — Body, Mind and Soul. Soul is the highest priority and often the most neglected ☺️

    I big warm hug back to you 😊🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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